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Airbnb Welcome Guide a Notion Template

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Give your Airbnb guests the best experience with my Notion template Airbnb Welcome Guide!

Are you an Airbnb host or a nightly rental property owner? If so, you know how important clear and precise communication is to ensure a memorable experience for your guests.

Forget about repetitive messages and unnecessary phone calls. With this Notion template, you'll have all the essential information organized in one place, accessible to your guests anytime and from any device.

What does the template include?

  • Contact information: Phone number, email, and address of the accommodation.
  • General place information: Description of the accommodation, neighborhood, and surroundings.
  • House rules: Clear rules to ensure a pleasant stay for everyone.
  • Ways to get there: Detailed instructions on how to get to the accommodation by public or private transportation.
  • Place facilities: Complete list of amenities and services available to guests.
  • Emergency numbers: Contact information for local emergency services.
  • Guide to restaurants, museums, and activities: Personalized suggestions for your guests to maximize their stay.

What benefits does it offer?

  • Improves communication: Provides your guests with all the information they need in one place, avoiding confusion and unnecessary calls.
  • 5-star experience: Ensures guests a pleasant and memorable stay, increasing the chances of receiving positive feedback and 5-star ratings.
  • Saves time: You won't have to repeat the same information to each new guest. The Notion template allows you to share information quickly and easily.
  • Organization and professionalism: Projects an image of an organized and professional host, addressing your guests' needs in advance.

Why choose my Notion template?

  • Easy to use: You don't need technical knowledge to use the template. Customize it with your information and share it with your guests.
  • Fully customizable: Adapt the template to your needs and accommodation style.
  • Accessible on any device: Your guests can access the guide from any mobile device, tablet, or computer.
  • Constant updates: I update the template with the latest features and improvements.

Download my Notion template for Airbnb welcome guides today and start offering 5-star experiences to your guests!


  • How to download the template?
    Open the template link and click "Duplicate" in the top right corner to duplicate it to your workspace.
  • Does this work on the free version of Notion?
    Yes, all you need is a free account plan.
  • Is it permissible to share this with others?
    I'm afraid not. This product comes with a personal use license. If you know someone who might benefit from it, kindly refer them to this page.
  • May I reach out with some questions?
    Absolutely! I'm always available for a conversation and am responsive to DMs across all my social platforms. You can expect a reply within a few hours, so don't hesitate to get in touch!
  • Can I be your affiliate?
    Sure thing! You can sign up as an affiliate here.

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Airbnb Welcome Guide a Notion Template

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